Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Milestones

      When I started my blog a year ago in March, my goal was to try a new recipe each week.  By sharing them on my blog I was attempting to be accountable to a long term project of actually cooking instead of just hoarding recipes with no follow through.  There were some months that I cooked, but didn't write much.  Often I did not follow the recipes at all, but created a different meal by cleaning out the refrigerator. 

      I am nearing my goal of fifty-two posts in one year.   I have been pleasantly surprised by how many readers have followed my journey. I knew my Dad was reading my posts, but when I saw readers from other countries had discovered my blog I was amazed.  The day I learned one of my posts had made its way onto Pinterest I was thrilled. 

   Halfway through this month marks two important milestones, the one year anniversary of my blog and my milestone birthday.  Add to that our upcoming 10 year wedding anniversary in June and I have many reasons to celebrate.

   During this special month each time a reader comments at "Outside the Box", pins or re-pins one of my blog posts onto Pinterest, or signs up to be a follower of "Outside the Box" I will enter their name into a drawing toward a copy of 30-Minute Meals 2 by Rachel Ray. That's right, you may enter by commenting on new and prior postings. Multiple entries will be collected from Thursday March 1st until Saturday, March 31st.  I will distribute the book to the lucky winner.


  1. Now that's what I call "Schnaaaaappppy!!"

  2. You're my first comment of the month. You are officially entered in the win a fabulous cookbook since you are a fabulous follower contest.

  3. Enter me please! Happy anniversary!

  4. You're in. You can enter again by posting on new and old posts all month and pinning favorite recipes from my blog onto Pinterest.