Friday, February 24, 2012

Leprechaun Soup

     On Saturday night I had a dinner avoidance crisis.  I really felt it would be easier to find a sitter and go out to eat than to attempt to make dinner.  I hadn't taken anything out to defrost and there were no leftovers to use up.  I called a friend and they had plans so the sitter was out.  I was about to call another friend when I realized I didn't even know when Dan would be home.  He was helping out a neighbor with kitchen renovations.  I didn't feel like finding a sitter when I didn't know what time we would need them, where we were going or what time we would be back.  It's hard to plan with no plan at all.

    Without much hope I opened the refrigerator door.  There was half a large cauliflower that had been on sale for ninety-nine cents, a bunch of asparagus, and half a baked chicken breast.  Okay so that's not a lot to go on to feed four people dinner.  

  I filled the small stockpot with roughly four to six cups of water plus a half gallon bag of chicken stock leftover in the freezer.  I added the cauliflower, asparagus, a dash of garlic salt and about a tablespoon of vegetable flakes consisting of potato, carrot, parsley and onion .  I let it simmer for about twenty minutes until the cauliflower was soft. Dan popped home for a minute and pureed the concoction with my immersion blender.   I whisked a tablespoon or two of arrowroot in one half cup of water and poured the mixture in to thicken the soup to a creamy texture. This would be a great meatless meal on it's own, but I chopped up the chicken into cubes and threw it in to warm it up for about five minutes. 

   I am the only big fan of asparagus in my house.  When the crew walked in asking, "What's for dinner?" I told them it was leprechaun soup.  Perhaps a wee elf on a spot of mischief had stopped by to turn our soup green.  They devoured their brimming bowls and asked for seconds.  I must have had some leprechaun magic that night since my paltry pickings turned into a popular meal.  Leprechaun soup may turn into a March tradition!


  1. If I had told the kids or they had seen the asparagus I don't know if they would have liked it. I get away with putting onions in Caldo Verde for someone who will not eat onions.