Thursday, January 10, 2013

Read this Book? Yes I Will!

     When health psychologist, Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D., offered a course on “The Science of Willpower”at Stanford University it was very well received. In fact it was so popular they had to keep changing the room to accommodate the number of students enrolling. Students have used her 10 week course to improve their lives in many areas including "...quitting smoking, losing weight, getting out of debt and becoming a better parent." McGonigal shares, “Understanding the science of willpower gave them strategies for developing self-control, and greater strength to pursue what mattered most to them.”

     McGonigal felt that scientific studies and findings about willpower had not been translated to the public. Her book, The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do to Get More of It, presents diverse research studies in an easy-to-follow format. The gray boxes call attention to exercises for the reader. The chapter summary section is very helpful for reviewing the presented information.

     The author's style is knowledgeable and yet extremely approachable. I enjoyed her sense of humor that emerged throughout the book. It kept the informative nature of the book from becoming dry. Her inclusion of apps and websites kept the tone very hip, yet not too overwhelming to scare away the technophobic.  Reading the book felt like being immersed in her classroom. You had the benefits of the studies and exercises as if you were taking the course.

     My future self thanks me for reading this book. Trust me, once you've read it, you'll see what I mean. This review is brought to you by BlogHer Book Club compensation, but the opinions are all mine. Be sure to check it out at BlogHer Book Club.  What are your willpower challenges?