Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pulling my Hair Out

Try finding two barrettes that match, please!

     I'm not sure how one little head has so many hair accessories.  I tried containing them all in my old jewelry box.  That worked for some time and when the lid started to levitate from fullness, I removed all the beads and dress up jewelry to a new container.  Now we have had an influx of new 'dodads with the stocking stuffers and it is time to help sort the jumbled pile into some sort of order.

    First I dumped everything out and sorted by type.  We ended up with headbands, barrettes, and ponytail holders of three varying styles and size.
I had two cute painted tins from a baby shower.  One tin now holds all the barrettes that were floating in the random accessory sea.  I often have requests to match the barrettes to her outfit and that was nearly impossible not to mention time consuming before I sorted the box.

      The second tin I filled with pony tail holders.  I tried to fill it with all of them, but the poofier style popped out and refused to be contained.  My solution was to take two chopsticks and thread the ponytail holders on like a shish kabob.  She had fun helping me with that part.  I had thought the chopsticks would lay horizontally across the box, but they were too long so I crisscrossed them.

   The headbands now reside in a pretty box lid.  The bottom of the box is already in use for little toys and I prefer not to have the lid on it so she can find things and use them.  At the center space of the headbands I housed the ponytail holders with the big bobbles on the ends.  The stretchy headbands are placed beneath the tins.  I tucked the comb at the top and the brush is laid over the headbands.  Voila! Now there are no more headaches when it comes time do the 'do!
This is much better and without a trip to the store!

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