Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ants on a Blog

Banana Split
    With a request for a banana split and no ice-cream in the house there's no need to panic.  Cut a banana in half and top it with peanut butter.  The best part is  letting your junior assistant "sprinkle" the raisins on. 

  Ants on a log are another fun snack to make with peanut butter.  I let the kids use small cream cheese spreaders instead of knives.  With no sharp edges and no cooking, let them have a ball sticking  peanut butter to the celery.

   At one point I had an apple bandit in my house.  There would be two or three bite marks in the apples in the fruit bowl, but never a finished apple.  I use the Pampered Chef apple wedger and corer to make apple slices.  Then I fan them out to make a flower or sunrise shape.  I put a dollop of peanut butter in the middle for a fun dipping treat. 

   If you have peanut butter allergies in your household, I often use pumpkin seed butter as an alternative.  It is green which looks unusual, but it works for dipping and is great spread on a banana or pink lady apple.


  1. waw.., it's look very delicious peanut. Could you shared this recipe please?
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  2. Looks like a great,quick snack for the kids!

  3. Barb, anytime they get to play with their food it is fun and gets eaten up quickly.

  4. I checked out your site Honey Joys. You should try my banana muffin recipe in the post "Yes We Have More Bananas."