Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tortilla Time

Quinoa Tortillas

                                                                                                                      My Mom makes the best tacos.  She serves them hot from the griddle.  My sister says you have to put the cheese in the bottom of the taco instead of sprinkling it on top.  That way it melts in better.

    I found a recipe for tortillas using quinoa.  You can have protein even in a meatless taco.  I add 1/4 of parsley and a dash of hot sauce so they look just like Mom's cornmeal tortillas.  I add an additional cup water to create a batter consistency.

   Thanks to the suggestion of reader Tree Huggin Mama I now enjoy easy lentil tacos.  I boil red lentils, mash them and add cumin and chili pepper.  I like to serve them with a and a side of re-fried beans or sweet potatoes and a quick Spanish rice consisting of leftover brown rice with added salsa. 

Quinoa Tortillas

2 cups quinoa flour
1/2 tsp salt
3/4 cup water

Stir flour and salt. Add flour.  Knead dough.  Roll on floured board. Fry 3 minutes on each side. Cool.
Lentil Tacos on Quinoa Tortilla

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