Saturday, March 10, 2012

Smoothie Operator

Peach Smoothie
   Our featured smoothie in the picture is courtesy of our August peach picking.  I threw in some frozen peaches, vanilla, and yogurt.  It is a little summer memory in a glass.

   Smoothies are fun to make with kids and include a variety of fruit in their diet.  I let them pour everything in and making sure the lid is on tight, they get to push the button.

    My favorite smoothie uses frozen strawberries and blueberries, plain yogurt, a splash of orange juice, fresh or frozen bananas and sometimes milk.  If there are any leftovers, pour them in some Dixie cups and add sticks to make Popsicles in the freezer.

   Smoothies use up the fruit bowl like soup cleans out the refrigerator.  If  bananas are getting spotty, I freeze them for later or throw them in the blender.  Dan makes an awesome banana smoothie with yogurt, honey and vanilla.  It is so good!

   Smoothies are a versatile treat.  I serve them for breakfast, snacks and dessert.  You can sneak secret ingredients like flax oil in and nobody knows they are there.  Carrot juice alone is one thing.  Blend it with frozen strawberries, and the reception is completely different.   


  1. We love smoothies too and we've even made one with spinach, yes you read that right. It can be fun to make it around halloween and come up with some creative name. We have used spinach, grapes (with the skin that way you are expecting the texture) and yougurt. When we found this recipe at a 4-H event my kids made me stop on the way home to buy spinach, and they have never asked for spinach before.

  2. Do you add something to make the spinach drink sweet? That is one I haven't tried before! Thanks for the comment!