Saturday, November 24, 2012

Inside the Box: It's In the Bag

       My September posts focused on packing school lunch.  I mentioned healthy snacksmoney saving sandwiches, and even the lunch box itself.  It's time to unzip and take a look inside the lunch box.  I am not a fan of sandwich bags.  I know they are convenient, but it just seems wasteful to me.  Especially as it wastes my time to have to drive to the store to buy more of them.  I was using Gladware and Tupperware boxes, until I found a product I like better.

Open up and slip a sandwich in.
   Save It Bags are reusable sandwich and snack bags made with custom fabric covers and a wipeable liner.  They are very easy to clean. Once a week I throw them in the laundry.  I meant to air dry them, but found out they are dryer safe when I forgot to pull them out.
Turn it inside out for a quick wipe down.

     My kids love them.  They are space saving and don't squish other foods, preventing surprising messes. We have Star Wars, camouflage, flowers and hedge hogs.  I just purchased these for an upcoming birthday party.
Adorable Hello Kitty Save It Bags

     The adjustable Velcro makes them great for carrying a cell phone or electronic device.  They also make a cute make up bag.  I'm looking forward to purchasing more bags for my Christmas list. They are a great product, made locally. They are available through craft fairs and online.  


  1. Do they have a web site? I saw an email when I clicked on the link.

    I have started to use only freezer bags for the freezer and have gotten rid of so much Tupperware, etc. which just took up space. At this time it all is in a box and I haven't gone to the box to get anything out in well over a month.

  2. Carol, I just know of her e-mail. She talked about an Etsy site. I will check for you. I am a Tupperware junkie, but it takes up room in the freezer and cabinet!

  3. Oh you know you have some too! I'll have to see if I can find a Snoopy sandwich keeper.