Saturday, September 8, 2012

Pack It Up

    I have to state off the bat that LL Bean is not compensating me for this post.

    With the little one starting kindergarten we purchased a backpack online in mid August.  I was going to wait to see if they would be reduced, but my husband was afraid it wouldn't arrive in time for school.  Three days later, they went on sale.  I e-mailed LL Bean and they credited me for the 20% price.
    My first purchase with their company was my son's backpack.  Two years later, he is going off to school with the same one.  This year we bought lunchboxes for both kids.  I may even go back and get one for my husband.  I really like knowing that I can return items if they don't last long.  In this economy, who wants to buy items that fall apart?


  1. That's great, Micky.

    I like the quality of Talbots and today went to their web site and ordered a sale sweater. I got just what I wanted and didn't have to drive there. It is a long-sleeved cardigon sweater that is a wardrobe stretcher--one of last years kind with the, how do I describe it, gentle ruffles that hang low on both sides.

    Carol at

  2. I like LL Bean. Their products are made to last and they are honest in print and online about what products are imported. My girls LL Bean backpacks are in their 4th year of use. They are guaranteed to last.

  3. Carol, I am very lucky that my sister enjoys Talbot's quality and buys darling dresses and velvet sweaters for my daughter. I'm a cardigan fan too. They are great for those in between weather days.

  4. I agree Tree Huggin Momma. I started with buying a backpack and now I tend to look to them over other companies due to their guarantee and customer service. Plus with their free shipping I usually receive an order in two days.