Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall In Line

Souvenir leaf from our honeymoon
      Despite the weather forecast of 76 degrees it has been a rather blustery day.  I guess the first day of fall has announced itself in my neighborhood.  I really don't want to pack away my shorts and flip flops.  I enjoy summer and all its outdoor activities, parties, and travel.  For no other two months out of the year do I feel compelled to join in on so many activities.  There is something about summer that makes me want to take advantage of every beautiful day.
      Although I love the fresh garden produce and Dan's creations at the grill, I am not much of a summer cook.  Shh, don't tell anyone it may ruin my reputation.  After a wonderful day in the sun or visiting with friends it is hard to motivate myself to cook dinner.  Maybe I need the weekday school routine to keep me on schedule.  The heat doesn't help my reluctance in the kitchen.

    Now with that little hint of chill in the air I am looking forward to warming up the oven with roasts and baked apples. With the change of seasons, it's time for me to get back to meal planning making cozy dinners with plenty to spare for another meal later in the week.  I'll have to use my new search box to look for my favorite recipes. What are your favorite fall dishes?


  1. Did you have that leaf made into a tray? Looking forward to what you come up with this fall.

    1. Carol we bought this tiny leaf pressed in glass. It is about the size of a coaster. How does cooking change for you through the year? I have very varied menus with the seasons.

  2. We love anything with apples here. We made homemade applesauce last week. It was so good! We have to get together again soon!

  3. My Mom makes wonderful applesauce. That is one recipe that I just have to make with her. I am looking forward to my next Blogging with Barb session. I have more new questions!