Saturday, October 20, 2012

Trickless Treats: 5 Healthy Halloween Snacks

    I know kids like candy and I don't expect a sugarless Halloween.  Since they will get plenty of candy from the nocturnal wanderings, I like to put my own spin on the holiday.  These snack ideas will have the kids in the spirit all month long. Let the kids have some fun creating treats that won't trick their teeth!

* Orange-o-lanterns: Take an orange peeler and carve your favorite jack-o-lantern face into the peel.

* Cheesestick Ghosts: Take a Sharpie and draw a ghost face (before you peel the wrapper please).

* Pumpkin Seeds: Scoop the goop and cook up those seeds salted, with cinnamon or pizza flavor.

* Popcorn: We make it the old fashioned way on the stove top with olive oil. You can stuff it a clear glove to make spooky hands.

* Rice Cake Monsters: Smear some peanut butter on a rice cake and add ghoulish toppings.

Fireside Creation: Creepy Cake Spider

    My niece made this delightful rice cake spider.  We were gathered around a rather wet fire camping on Columbus Day weekend.  She used Cheerios for eyes and fruit juice sweetened fruit strips for the legs. I think some of his legs may have been eaten before the photo was taken!

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