Saturday, July 28, 2012

5 Ring Pizza

    This recipe has been in my idea file almost as long as the history of the Olympics itself.  Taste Of Home magazine featured an Olympics party with a pizza covered in pepperoni rings, a cake with M&Ms the color of Olympic rings and colorful veggies in round bowls.

      Rather than the original plan of pepperoni rings, we came up with Olympic ring colors for our pizza.  Pepper rings became the green, red, and yellow rings.  We used black olives for the black ring.  The blue had us stumped.  I did not want to use blueberries on pizza!  I had some Calamata olives in the cupboard and they worked nicely for the blue ring.
   We layered pepperoni circles beneath the cheese so the white cheese of the flag would stand out.

    After the whole team grated cheese, sliced olives and peppers and rolled out the dough our pizzas baked in the oven on 425 degrees for 30 degrees.  We made enough to share and catch the coverage with friends.

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