Friday, April 13, 2012

Drumroll Please...

      I feel like my birthday month is still going on since this week I was able to have a shopping spree and lunch out with my gift certificates. Plus there is the upcoming trip to the theatre this weekend.  I can't wait!  I want to thank everyone for following along with my March Milestones cookbook contest. 

   All the comments really inspired me to reach my goal of 52 posts in a year.  Once I was on a roll, I couldn't stop writing!  I never dreamed when I started my blog a year ago that 3,000 readers would join me on my crazy recipe quest.  All the support from my local friends has been tremendous and having readers across the world is awesome.  Every time a new country was added to my stats, my son searched for it on his map.

       The Rachel Ray cookbook goes to our surprised winner Jenn Hurd.  Enjoy the book Jenn and please share with us your favorite new recipes!


  1. Congrats Jenn! And, congrats Micky for all the great writing you've done in the past year! We need to get together again soon.

  2. Thanks Barb, I think I am free this Wednesday. Our next topic of discussion should be photography to complement your writing. ;)

  3. And hey, I just wanted to inform you that I changed my blog's URL (yet again) and now, it's