Saturday, November 5, 2011

Duck, Duck, Goose

Pan seared duck
   I had never cooked a duck before.  In fact, I could barely remember having it out at a restaurant more than once.  My husband brought home duck so I couldn't just let it go to waste. Hmmm...what does one do with a duck?  A quick internet search led me to recipes involving berry sauce reductions.  This was not exactly where I wanted to go with a quick dinner plan.  Plus, my husband is not a huge fan of sweet sauces on meat.  He ordered a pork tenderloin at a lovely restaurant and was not thrilled with the cranberry "roof" when the meal came.  For these reasons, I decided to quickly sear the breasts according to Emeril's recipe.  It said to slice them so the cooking took a bit longer when I left them whole.  I've been told that duck is very greasy, but we had skinless breasts and there was no greasy or oily taste.  Surprisingly, duck has more of  a red meat flavor.  It doesn't "taste like chicken."

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