Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pulling the Weeds from My Recipe Garden

The recipe cabinet overflows.

   Hooray, the first step is done.   I set aside twenty minutes a day to go through recipes.  I started with the loose recipes that were just scattered about the cupboard.  First, I removed any recipes that I just don't see me cooking because they are too time-consuming for my current lifestyle or they have funky ingredients.  Let's face it, cabbage is not very popular with my crowd.  Next, I ditched the duplicates.  When I get on a roll apparently I can copy down four or five bean soup recipes.
   Whatever recipes were left went in the "New Recipes"  binder if I haven't made them yet.  Special recipes like Grandma's Zucchini Bread that I don't make everyday, but I had to keep for sentimental reasons, went in the "Favorites" binder.  The third binder is my go to binder for   everyday meals.  This is the one I hope to be building up for meal planning ideas.
     I also weeded out the cookbooks.  This was harder.  One went because it was a basic cookbook and I already had two basic cookbooks.  One was a food network star that I had two of so I picked the one I liked best to keep.  I gave away many small pamphlet type cookbooks since much of that informaion is available online.  That left me with five cookbooks to donate to the library booksale. 
   Working in bits each day, I chiseled away at the mountain of papers.  I thought it would never get done, but after two weeks I made steady progress at taming the mess.  Now on the real challenge, cooking all those delicious dishes.


  1. Micky! You're going good! Why don't you post your fav recipes that you have started to cook (and experiment) here?

  2. Thanks! I had to figure out how to post a picture. Now that I am organized it's time to share some recipes.

  3. Goody! I'd like to try some myself!