Wednesday, September 18, 2013

She's Come Unplugged

   I have a confession to make.  In this day and age of social media connection I decided to disconnect my Facebook account.  Why you may ask?  I was becoming overly distracted.  I tried only checking it once a week, once a day, once an hour.  I felt like a dog answering Pavlov's bell, constantly checking my phone for each little ping.
    I started on Facebook innocently enough.  I actually made my account at the suggestion of updates from Cardio Coach.  Friends found me and it was fun to re-connect.  Soon I was enjoying quizzes, but only after I put the kids to bed.  Then I would check during their naptime.  It's just like taking a little coffee break. Now I am sneaking off to look for just ten minutes (in the bathroom)!

     I think I am only on it 10 minutes a day, but the multiple checks on my phone really add up.    It is great to catch up with everyone, but constantly being plugged in has left me feeling like a spiritually deflated balloon.  I am always wanting more.  I see others vacation pictures and I want to go away again.  I have to remind myself that I did travel with my family this year.

     This year I would like to take that 10 minutes back to really connect with a real person in my life, to call and catch up with my best friend, take a walk or play with my kids.  What can I accomplish or enjoy with my time offline?